About Us

Eat well. Live well. Stay well.

We believe that mindfulness is needed in every sector of our lives today. However, you rarely see either new innovations, specifically ones that are all in one place. That's why we decided to start Cosmic Hygiene. Our goal is to make your search for mindful tools and priceless trinkets easier. 

Our customers want safe products to relieve pain, enhance health and make you look good and feel better. That’s why we carefully select each one with great attention to price and quality. We stock items our customers want, including hair products, lotions, lip colours, aromatherapy products, deodorants and skincare, bath and nailcare products, essential oils and natural cleansers.

We offer women's health and beauty products that meet the highest safety standards with the utmost care for environmental impact and positive consumer results. Our shelves are replenished daily because we know your Health is Wealth.